Green  Hills  Academy 

"Knowledge is the source of light"


This school was established in 2000 A.D. (2057 B.S.) by Mr. Rajeshwar Prassad Yadav as a Primary School (Class Nursery to five). Then in 2001 A.D. (2058 B.S.) it was upgrade as Lower Secondary School (Nursery to Class 8).   Similiarly, it was upgraded to a Secondary School (Nursery to Class 10) in 2003 A.D. (2060 B.S.) , and produced the first batch of Students with eight students with cent percent passed result with 4 First and 4 Second Division.


The school posseses a well experienced, well trained and well qualified teacher who teaches the students in friendly manner. With a view to raise  the standard education, we often conduct teachers training programmes so that they can apply new teaching methods and techniques.


The school possesses a sound, proficient, trained and well-experienced team of instructional as well as administrative staff to discharge their duties to enhance its academy in the community.