Green  Hills  Academy 

"Knowledge is the source of light"

General Regulations

  • Students must come to school in regular uniform and proper hair-do.
  • They must arrive on time and depart only after school has finished for the day.
  • School starts at 10:45 am and finishes at 4:00 pm. However, remedial/extra classes for Day Scholars/ Day Boarders/ Boarders are arranged before or after school.
  • Students are not permitted to paint or grow nails; not to wear bangles, finger rings or jewels.
  • Students should not leave the classroom unless allowed to do so by their class teacher.
  • They should not enter the Principal’s Office, Staff Rooms or any other restricted rooms without first obtaining permission.
  • They should respect the beauty of the classrooms and of the school premises, and report any damages they may observe.
  • They should not bully or harass their schoolmates in and out of the school
  • They should participate in games, cultural programmes and other activities organised by the school.
  • They should avoid vulgarity in talk and behaviour.

For Parents & Guardians

Parent/Guardian should pay regular visits to the school in order to inquire upon the academic achievement and general progress of their wards. Counsellor, In-charges, Class Teachers will be available for conference during the school hours.

They can also establish a continuous link with class teachers through the Students’ Diary. They should always make sure that their wards study regularly at home and do not play truant.

 School Uniform

All students from classes Nursery to 10 are expected to wear the following school uniform:

For both Boys & Girls 

(Sunday, Monday, Tuesday)

  • Light cream coloured stripped shirt (with school logo) 
  • Grey coloured pants (boys) and grey coloured skirts (girls)
  • Black leather shoes (with laces)
  • Grey coloured socks
  • Red Sweater
  • Ties and Belts are available from the school

(Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

  • Light green coloured stripped shirt (with school logo)  
  • Dark green coloured pants (boys) and dark green coloured skirts (girls)
  • Black leather shoes (with laces)
  • Green coloured socks
  • Red Sweater
  • Ties and Belts are available from the school

NB: Shirts, trousers/skirts must be tailored after the design prescribed by the school. Parents /guardians may contact the school authorities for the specimen of the dresses.

Students' Materials

  • School Bags
  • Lunch box and water bottle (However, water filters are available in each block and lunch may be bought form the school canteen).
  • Prescribed course books and exercise books (purchased from the school stationery). For each subject taught in the classroom the student should bring with him/her.
  • Drawing book, pencil, crayons, eraser, sharpener and ruler (for primary classes).
  • A mathematical instruments set (for middle and senior classes)

  • Students must write with pencil up to class IV.
  • Students up to class IV must use double ruled, single ruled and square ruled exercise books for English, Nepali and mathematics respectively.